Homepage Redesign

Simple is powerful - The Collegial homepage redesign
April 2022

In my work at the Collegial, I was involved in the redesign of the homepage. Our main challenge was to make the platform simpler and easier to navigate, especially for new users.


We had an issue with the complexity of our platform, with five clicks necessary to access learning materials via the mega menu, three clicks through search, or four clicks with a collection. The homepage was too cluttered, making it difficult to find the next learning opportunity.

The challenge was to redesign the homepage, using the data and components that already existed. The redesign needed to be a low-cost solution that could be implemented quickly. The team needed to simplify the user journey and make it easier for new users to get started while also helping active users find the next thing to learn.


In order to redesign the homepage, we began with a "How Might We" question: How might we make it easy to find the next thing to learn? We explored different options with the goal of creating a solution that was cheap and implementable in a short amount of time. We used data and components we already had to create a redesign that was feasible and could be implemented quickly.

To begin, I mapped out what we could change, what we should keep, and what we should remove. We decided to remove the hero banner, which took up a lot of space and did not add any value to the user. We also moved the My Learning section to the front page to help users easily find their next learning opportunity. I drew up an information architecture to understand user click behavior and reduce the number of clicks necessary to start learning.

My attempt to map the users clicks in the design architecture we had

I explored different user flows to start learning and designed wireframes to share with the team for feedback.

One of the user flows I designed

The final wireframe approved by the team


After many exploration screens, prototypes to validate the design with the team and costumers, we moved from a from flow perspective complex solution, where learning was far away and too much space is wasted on on elements that didn't add value to a simple solution focusing on getting the learner to into learning.

We successfully transformed our convoluted platform into a simple, easy-to-navigate space. Users could now effortlessly pick up where they left off and find their next learning material without breaking a sweat.

Lesson Learned

This project really drove home the point that going big or complex isn't always the answer to effective design.  It might seem straightforward, but reducing the user's journey from five clicks to a single one to continue learning is a significant strategic win for the product. It's about keeping things simple, yet impactful.

Imagine being in a hurry and having to click five times just to get to your learning materials – pretty frustrating, right? Now, it's just a single click. This simple change has made navigation a breeze, saving our users precious time and effort. It's taken the hassle out of the learning process and made it a much more enjoyable and efficient experience.

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