I'm Clara

Wearing the hats of an award-winning entrepreneur recognized by UN Women, a Harvard & MIT brazilian youth ambassador, and a UX designer in Sweden, I blend engineering precision, design empathy and business strategy.

With a toolbox filled with passion and collaboration, I'm your go-to person to unite different worlds and drive harmony in the chaos.

challenge the world

Full spectrum UX Designer

with a knack for connecting dots - whether they're people, ideas, or technologies.

My passion lies in creating products that generate people and business impact. My technical expertise ensures I make it happen.

Currently, I am a UX designer at Collegial, where I work end-to-end, surface-to-core.

Tech Entrepreneur

awarded by UN Women as a social tech startup in Brazil, fostering gender equity and economic power for women, inserting their businesses in the digital economy.


+15 public talks on technology, entrepreneurship and social impact, including TEDxTalk, IEEE WIE, Brazil Conference at Harvard&MIT and Economy of Francesco.

why bemcla

Since I was a kid, I've loved crafting one-of-a-kind creations that truly represent me. My friends even coined the term
"SO CLA!" (or "bem cla!" in Portuguese) to describe my distinct style.

I take pride in this uniqueness and bring a fun, personal touch to all I do.

about me


Full transcript from my 2019 TEDxTalk: Expanding our concept of balance - individual and social - we realize the important role of the feminine to balance the world.


What diversity means to me:
Why does it make my eyes sparkle, warm my heart, and bring so much meaning to my life?


My thoughts on seeking new experiences and constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone