Hurricane Effect

Be.Labs UN awarded digital pre-acceleration process for women entrepreneurs in Brazil

In a landscape where male-led enterprises predominated, the Brazilian entrepreneurial ecosystem hungered for a catalytic force that would not only foster business growth but also reshape perspectives to align with emerging trends and future prospects. This case delves into an extraordinary journey of transformative entrepreneurship and women's empowerment in Brazil. It unveils the remarkable narrative of a startup I co-founded to bridge gender gaps and drive change.

The Genesis

Right from the start, I was a big part of the product that made our business, Be.Labs, successful. My journey began when I met Marcela Fujiy, my partner and mentor, at an event for women in engineering. We clicked instantly, both loving business and helping women. Marcela, who was already a businessperson, became my guide and partner. We shared a strong passion for making things better for women in Brazil.

Our goal was clear: we wanted to help women in northeastern Brazil who were already doing their own businesses or dreamed of starting one. We wanted to close the gap between men and women in business in Brazil.


In early 2018, our journey began with rigorous research encompassing inspiring products, services, and organizations. This led us to gather valuable insights into the world of women's entrepreneurship. Our exploration also included uncovering potential user needs and identifying potential partners. My partnership with the Fujiys was strategic; their technical expertise as Hackers and Business Persons was complemented by my role as a Hipster - a Designer, product expert, and researcher. Collaboratively, we utilized the insights from deep user research to shape our company's identity, including Audience Segments, Personas, Journeys, Products & Services, Brand Statements, and Value Propositions.

To validate our concepts, we embarked on a concept testing phase, engaging with four clients who formed the initial bedrock of our methodology. This marked the genesis of the acceleration process we named Be.lieve. Expanding our influence, we initiated a growth hacking phase, orchestrating various campaigns, online and offline events, and more. Marcela and I shared the stage, amplifying the resonance of Be.Labs and our unique acceleration process.

One of the first interviews I gave to the largest tv network in Brazil

Early on, we recognized that mirroring existing acceleration companies wouldn't suffice. Thus, we transitioned to a class-based pre-acceleration process, blending Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, and Effectuation principles. The resultant methodology was the first of its kind in Brazil, tailored for women entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. Our methodology's evolution was guided by a deeply human approach, fostering idea generation, problem-solving, and implementation across five distinct phases. This iteration garnered the Bronze WEPs BRASIL 2019 award from United Nations Women, validating our innovative approach.

Empowering Through Connection and Mentorship

As the product lead, I orchestrated an immersive and engaging experience for participants, carefully balancing business metrics and interpersonal dynamics. Over the course of the program, I crafted over 10 technology tutorials and personally guided more than 300 women. From crafting exercise materials to designing slides and producing promotional videos, I ensured a comprehensive learning environment. The program encompassed 18 hours of classes and 2 hours of personalized mentoring, spanning topics from future literacy and innovation to legal and financial acumen for female entrepreneurs. This hands-on mentorship allowed us to deeply connect with our users, facilitating ongoing updates and improvements.

The first batch of participants on their demoday

Pivoting Through Adversity: The Hurricane Effect

Amidst the pandemic, our startup faced a pivotal juncture. Armed with seed capital investment but challenged by the shifting landscape, I orchestrated a crisis management model to stabilize, restore, and reinvigorate Be.Labs. Adapting to the new normal, we transitioned our process into an online fromat while also rebranding it for resonance within the Brazilian context. Getting rid of all startup jargon and foreign words, we embraced our hurricane-inspired logo, symbolizing the strongest hurricanes on the planet tahtare named after women because they are taken less seriously. We started from there, and built several hurricane projects to reduce inequalities, and polarities through our Efeito Furacāo (in portuguese), Hurricane Effect methodology.

The crises model plan used


After creating the "Hurricane Methodology," a tailored training program for Brazilian women, we saw significant changes in their approach to entrepreneurship. The program led to a 77% pivot in business direction and 99% of participants recommended the program to other women. Additionally, the transition to a digital model during the pandemic resulted in a 200% increase in annual profit.

Feedback from participants

The program's success was recognized once againwith the Gold WEPs BRASIL 2021 awards from United Nations Women.

UN Women prize

By teaming up with others and making smart choices, we found the right way to help women and make a positive impact. When I left the company in 2021, Be.Labs had grown a lot, with 10 of us working together. It's still going strong, helping lots of people in Brazil.

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