Echos' Social Innovation Project

How To Promote Gender Equality By 2030?
February 2019

I've always had a fire in my belly when it comes to advocating for gender equality and women's freedom in Brazil. This passion led me to grab the chance to create some real change through design, and I became an ambassador for Echos' Social Innovation Project. Our mission? To team up and dream up a future where every woman in Brazil could live freely and safely, and we used the power of Design Thinking to get us there.


Here's the tough truth: Brazil is infamous for being one of the most dangerous countries for women, with gender inequality lurking at every corner. We were determined to change that. Our goal was ambitious but clear: get Brazil off the list of the top five countries in the world for violence against women by 2030.


So, how did we tackle such a massive problem? I spearheaded activation sessions where we used design thinking to zoom in on local issues and brainstorm immediate solutions. This approach was all about building a future where everyone felt included and valued. We were determined to put people first in our designs.

My first workshop held in my hometown, top ranked most violent city for women in Brazil

Design Thinking was our secret weapon. It brought empathy, teamwork, and a hands-on, experimental approach to our work. It also helped us see the bigger picture. This project was my first deep dive into design thinking facilitations, and I was thrilled to have my very first session in my hometown, with my family jumping in too! It was incredible to see so many people who had no clue about design come together to build a better future.


I facilitated four workshops in the Northeast region of Brazil, and I captured everything we learned and created in each one. Each group brought to life a wheel of the future, a persona of the future, and their predictions for what the future would hold. They even created videos to visualize their vision for 2030. These workshops were the building blocks we used to create the 2030 MAP OF BRAZIL.

One of the persona of the future created during the workshops

The project was so inspiring that it led me to start my own company to fight the good fight for gender equality in Brazil. As an ambassador, I stepped up as a leader and a change-maker in my region.

The general directions for a desired futures based on all workshops

Our project's final results were proudly presented by Laura & Fran at Primer19. It really worths watching it!

PRIMER19 – Laura Dusi & Francisca Limberger: IRIS – Freedom of the Feminine from Design Futures Initiative on Vimeo.

Lessons Learned

I learned that Design Thinking is a powerful tool that can be used to tackle complex social problems. It allowed me to bring together people from different backgrounds and perspectives to create a shared vision of a better future. It also taught me the importance of empathy and collaboration in the design process, as well as the need to consider ethics and diversity when designing for social impact.

I'm incredibly proud to have been a part of Echos' Social Innovation Project, and to have made a difference in promoting gender equality and freedom for women in Brazil.

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